When we arrived in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic one of the features we found fascinating was the local cemtery. We mentioned it initially/briefly in an article about Las Terrenas Beach then went on to document it more from the interior. We are happy to report that many murals have been added to the exterior and appear to […]

Las Terrrenas Graveyard or Cemetery – Outer Wall Captures the ...

Our Lady of Mercedes Day & The start of Yom HaKipurim –The Day of Atonement (Reporting from Las Terrrenas Dominican Republic in the beautiful Caribbean) Today is a national Holiday in the Dominican Republic. Our Lady of Mercedes Day is rooted in the Spanish occupation of the island and the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Mercedes […]

Our Lady of Mercedes Day & The start of Yom ...

Great news today! Our staff has discovered that users of Gmail can now call US and Canadian phones free from within the Gmail application. In the past and currently it has been possible to call application to application free but both parties would have to have them (for example skype viber facebook and so on). […]

Free Calls from Dominican Republic to United States and Canada ...

  Playa Coson is the most remote of the Las Terrenas Beaches. Coson is the least populated of the beaches. It’s beauty is spectacular. The beaches are long and inviting. Here is an interactive map to guide you there. There is also an excellent fresh water swimming hole on the road as you come over a […]

Playa Coson

Playa Bonita is our favorite. The waves come in often higher than other beaches but Bonita is generally shallow further out. I can walk out a hundred yards before my feet do not touch bottom. We love to play in the waves. Here is a map of the beaches for reference. Do be aware of […]

Playa Bonita

Ballenas (whale) Beach is named for the two rocks off shore visible from the beach that have the general appearance of whales. As you leave the center Northern part of town you will be on a street that parallels this beach. Initially you will be in the Pueblo De Los Pescadores where there are many restaurants […]

Las Ballenas Beach

The busiest part of Las Terrenas is generally defined by streets in the shape of the number 8 running approximately North and South. Las Terrenas Beach is at the Northern end of the 8. It stretches up to Punta Popy to the east and through Pueblo de Las Pescadores to the west eventually meeting Las […]

Las Terrenas Beach

  Punta Popy is on the East side of Las Terrenas. All along this beach there are restaurants. Some are right on the sand some run service across the road to the beach. We love to drive down to Punta Popy and watch the sun go down while sipping a drink. This beach like most beaches in Las Terrenas […]

Punta Popy Beach

The town graveyard is on Las Terrenas Beach. It was moved to its current location in the 80s from its original inland location. It is a very important part of the culture. This is not surprising given that the town was purely a fishing village 22 years ago. It is an honor to be in this space […]

Las Terrenas Graveyard