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Dominican Republic Tourist Overstay Penalties or Fines or Fees

Our schedule of Overstay Fines, Fees, Penalites is 100% accurate for 2022 and verified every week by travelers flying out of the Dominican Republic. If you are a tourist visiting the Dominican Republic and you overstay your allotted time these are the Penalties or Fees. This applies to the Dominican Republic’s Tourist Card and is a complete schedule of Fees Fines and Penalties you will pay at the airport when leaving or exiting the country. Important update: There is incorrect information circulating the internet stating that tourist card overstay fees have been increased in 2018. This is  NOT correct. Tourist card overstay fines or fees have NOT been increased in 2017, 2018 or 2019. The articles claiming an increase are incorrectly referencing RESIDENCY APPLICATION late penalties. This has nothing to do with the standard tourist card.  If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will always respond within 24 hours. Usually much sooner.

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These fees begin 1 day after you overstay your 30 day tourist card. If you extend your tourist card an additional 30 days at an immigration office AFTER you leave the airport these fees or fines begin 1 day after you exceed that additional month.

1 DAY – 3 MONTHS  RD $2,500
3 – 9 MONTHS  RD $4,000
9 – 12 MONTHS RD $5,000
12 – 18 MONTHS RD $6,500
18 – 24 MONTHS RD $8,000
24 – 30 MONTHS RD $9,500
30 – 36 MONTHS RD $11,000
36 – 48 MONTHS RD $16,000
48 – 60 MONTHS RD $20,000
6 YEARS RD $30,000
7 YEARS RD $40,000
8 YEARS RD $50,000
9 YEARS RD $60,000
10 YEARS RD $70,000

The confusion about these fees continues to be an ongoing issue. Here is a link to the Dominican Republics own Immigration web site for anyone who would like to verify for themselves.

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