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Coconut Coffee French Tost

Coffee Coconut French Toast Caribbean Fusion

Ingredients: 1 Shot Espresso — 5oz Coconut Cream — 1 Baguette — 4 Eggs — Cooking Oil

Optional Ingredients: Dash of Salt — 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla

Topping Ideas: Sugar & Cinnamon, Powdered Sugar, Jam, Jelly, Syrup, Fresh Fruit, Whipped Cream (Use your imagination. Have fun!)

This recipe is great with only the main ingredients. We prefer to add Salt, Vanilla and a Topping. The Toast has an excellent texture. Crisp on the outside, warmly soft on the inside.


Cut the Baguette in to tall thick pieces as shown.

Vigorously whisk the other ingredients together. Pour wet mixture in to a plate sized container.

Soak baguette pieces (turn as required) in wet mixture until almost all liquid is absorbed.

Add a liberal amount of cooking oil to a hot pan. Add soaked bread cut side down. Immediately turn heat to low low/medium. Watch carefully and turn as needed (Tongs are useful) until both cut sides are Golden Brown.

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