Insiders Guide to Tropical locations

Las Terrenas Graveyard

las-terrenas-graveyard2The town graveyard is on Las Terrenas Beach. It was moved to its current location in the 80s las-terrenas-graveyard3from its original inland location. It is a very important part of the culture. This is not surprising given that the town was purely a fishing village 22 years ago. It is an honor to be in this space limited graveyard but most are welcome. It is not uncommon (and quite moving from our perspective) to occasionally see a very large funeral procession headed there. The street is often re-routed for the procession and we appreciate the way the locals las-terrenas-graveyard1honor people passed on.  The Las Terrenas Graveyard is normally open from 8AM to 12PM but the hours vary. The entrance is at the street intersection. If the door is open visitors are normally welcome.