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Coconut Coffee French Tost
Ingredients: 1 Shot Espresso — 5oz Coconut Cream — 1 Baguette — 4 Eggs — Cooking Oil Optional Ingredients: Dash of Salt — 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla Topping Ideas: Sugar & Cinnamon, Powdered Sugar, Jam, Jelly, Syrup, Fresh Fruit, Whipped Cream (Use your imagination. Have fun!) This recipe is great with only the main ingredients. We […]

Coffee Coconut French Toast Caribbean Fusion

Hello Friends, Ex Pat’s relatives often visit the Beaumont Inn in Kentucky. They wrote us telling us of their latest trip there and I had to see the website. Well friends for the first time I was missing not being in America because this place is exceptional. It has won many awards and has even been recognized by […]

Mango Fried Chicken Las Terrenas

Important note. The sunny side egg is not shown in the photo. Click on the photo to enlarge The sunny side egg should top the dish. The egg yolk is an important saucing element of this dish, it adds to the hollandaise like flavor profile. The dish has that flavor but with ten percent of […]

Breakfast Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic