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Renting in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic 3
This does not not necessarily apply to renting short term. Short term is generally defined as less than 3-6 months. Long term is generally defined as more than 3-6 months with most people agreeing 6 months or more is long term. If you are renting short term it is good to use an international vacation […]

Renting long term in the Dominican Republic Don’t Get Ripped ...

If you are a tourist visiting the Dominican Republic and you over stay your allotted time these are the Penalties or Fees. This applies to the Dominican Republic’s Tourist Card and is a complete schedule of Fees Fines and Penalties you will pay at the airport when leaving or exiting the country. The words Fees Fines […]

Dominican Republic Tourist Overstay Penalties or Fines or Fees

These are high priority items for us coming from North America to the Dominican Republic or anywhere in the Caribbean. If you would like to see something added to the list let us know in the comments or through our contact form. Before we get started a word about safety. Petty crime is common here but […]

Dominican Republic/Caribbean Travel Tips